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Park Hill Primary School

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The Park Hill Family

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Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Logan - Head Teacher
Mrs Boardman - Deputy Head Teacher
Mr Dingle - Maths Coordinator
Mrs Southall - Senco
Mrs Cole - ICT


Mrs Southall - EYFS Lead / Nursery Teacher
Miss Milman - Reception Teacher
Miss Lawley - LSP
Miss Greenaway - LSP Apprentice
Miss Ahmed - LSA Apprentice
Mrs Whiles - LSA

Key Stage 1

Miss Hughes - Class 1 Teacher
Miss Edwards - Class 2 Teacher
Mrs Hickman - LSP
Mrs Whitney -LSA
Mrs Griffin - LSP

Key Stage 2

Miss Green - Year 3 Teacher
Miss Esty - Year 4 Teacher
Mr Rose - Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Boardman - Year 6 Teacher
Mr DIngle - Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Greenaway - LSP
Mrs Donnelly - LSP
Miss Merther - LSA
Mr Mcfarlane - LSA Apprentice
Mrs Southall - LSP

Cover Teachers

Miss C Esty
Mrs Rowbottom

Learning Mentor / Parent Liaison

Mrs Glover

Office Staff

Mrs Ffrench - Business Manager
Miss Smith- Office Manager
Mrs Harper - Office Administrator

Breakfast Club Staff

Miss Lawley
Mrs Higginson

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Whitney
Mrs Marshall
Mrs Lawrence
Mrs Potts
Mrs Walker
Mrs Tandy
Mrs Donnelly
Mrs Griffin
Miss Lawley
Miss Ahmed
Mr Mcfarlene
Miss Greenaway
Mrs Higginson - Cook
Ms Brazenall - Kitchen staff

Premises Staff

Mrs J Hickman - Site Manager
Mrs Mattocks - Cleaner in Charge
Mrs Marshall