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Attendance for children of school age is compulsory. At Park Hill, we know that children's attendance affects their progress and we strive to give children the best education. To do this, we really appreciate your cooperation in keeping absences and lateness to a minimum. 


The attendance register also plays a huge role in our safeguarding procedures.


If you are late to school (arriving after 8.55am), you must accompany your child to the school office to sign them in. Please do not allow children to come into school on their own.


Please telephone school as soon as possible to inform us of any absences. This is really important as we may need to carry out a home visit if we do not hear from you, in accordance with our safeguarding procedures.


Although we are unable to authorise any leave during term time for holidays, you must complete a Leave of Absence form from the school office if your child will not be at school for any reason other than illness.


Please read the information below as a guide to attendance. If you wish to read our Attendance Policy in full, please click here.