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Reading and Writing



At Park Hill, our Reading and Writing curriculum is designed to expose children to language-rich, engaging learning opportunities that support them to progress. We aim to to enable children to become literate but also to develop a love of reading, writing and using spoken language.




To teach early reading and writing, we deliver daily Phonics lessons to all children in Early Years and Key Stage 1. We also teach Phonics to children who continue to benefit from it in Key Stage 2.


We are currently reviewing our Phonics provision and will be using Read Write Inc - a highly effective programme that is validated by the Department for Education. Please check back for updates.


Guided Reading


Once children can decode, we teach comprehension skills through Guided Reading lessons. We use high-quality, age-appropriate key texts to support children in developing a range of reading skills, such as retrieving information, sequencing or summarising, prediction and inference. We also develop children's understanding of vocabulary and continue to support them in developing fluency when reading aloud.


In Guided Reading, children explore fiction, non-fiction and poetry.



We teach handwriting so that children can write comfortably, legibly and fluently at length. We introduce children to joined script in Year 2. Please click on the document below to see how we teach Handwriting at Park Hill.



We use Spelling Shed to teach children in Years 1-6 how to apply spelling rules. We then revisit and address these rules throughout the curriculum so that children can apply them to their writing. Please click on the documents below to see which rules we teach in each year group.



We have carefully selected appropriately challenging texts from a variety of genres. These form the basis of our planning: we draw a number of writing opportunities from the key texts and teach appropriate Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar objectives as part of our learning journey. 


Writing in the Early Years Foundation Stage


For EYFS, please click here to see which key texts we use.


Writing in Key Stages 1 and 2


For Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, please click on the document below to read about the key texts we use, as well as written outcomes.